Beck’s Picks: YUNGBLUD addition!


Beck Iannucci

TW for music: self harm, suicide, homophobia, parental abuse, guns, shootings, medication, religion, sex, death, rape, sexual assault —- we will also discuss these in the article

YUNGBLUD has won an MTV award for best artist and an NME for best music video but he deserves a whole lot more. His music and the videos to accompany them are captivating. He takes on difficult topics with his music but not in a way that dulls them down. We see this with his music video for Parents. He walks outside in a dipper, holding a machine gun. Most react to the gun second. He’s making a point that we are desensitized to guns and he’s right.

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So here are my top ten songs:

1. charity (Album: weird!)

This song has such an amazing beat to it and I absolutely love the lyrics. I find the supermarket metaphor to be great. There’s something about “shopping for my sense of self”. He’s trying to find who he is as a person because he can’t find a space he feels comfortable. There’s also a sense of disconnect between him and his parents. He insinuates that they don’t understand him or don’t treat him lovingly, which is unfortunately something that many can relate to. When he’s talking about strawberries being sweet but bleeding it shows how he has treated others with kindness in the past only to be hurt by them. Maybe it also shows sensitivity. He might be worried to reach out to people now because he was hurt and he’s feeling

2. Medication (Album: 21st Century Liability)

This song touches upon medication not being the grand solution. Medication can help lots of people with lots of different things, but meds can’t fix everything and we’re left off worse when we become dependent on them. His strong visuals show this by having himself hallucinate when going about his day. This song isn’t trying to bash all meds, but instead offering a warning.

3. Parents (EP: the underrated youth)

Parents is a song describing a gap between generations — particularly how we view things. He talks about a homophobic dad threatening his kid, but the son refuses to change/lie about who he is. He pokes fun at religious figures that abuse their power and how they taunt the youth. Through the line “Had to wash away the sins of a male cheerleader” he’s insinuating that something is wrong with being a male cheerleader in the priest’s eyes. This makes sense because we’re talking about an old fashioned (no pun intended) group of people. In the lines, “‘Cause my high hopes are getting low Because these people are so old the way they think about it all If I tried, I would never know”, he describes being frustrated with surroundings he can’t change. These people are everywhere and their opinions are weighing him down. He wants to move forward, but people are stalling the progress of change.

4. Psychotic Kids (Album: 21st Century Liability)

Similarly to Parents, Psychotic Kids is also about the divide of opinions. However, this song is more about how those opinions are forced into young people and how they are discredited when trying to share their opinions. The repeated line “they don’t know what they want” when talking about kids is to write them off as not having enough experience in life or enough time to form a proper opinion. It’s “you have your whole life ahead of you to figure things out” vibes. He’s pushing back at that notion by stating “But they don’t know f**king anything Say “Youth is wasted on the young”’. He expands on this more in an earlier line: “I see pictures in my head A world where the suffering’s dead And they can’t fight or unjustly arrest Anybody, for the color of their body”. He has a strong need to see change in the world around him and takes in the problems rather than ignoring it. He’s opening up the younger generations to world issues so young people continue to take a stand.

5. I Love You, Will You Marry Me (Album: 21st Century Liability)

I Love You, Will You Marry Me is about a couple that has strong political ideas and often get into trouble for them. With lines like: “A kid lifts up a spray can And never thought it would be famous what he did” I made that inference. We then have “They didn’t write her name on the article That to me just seems pretty farcical”. To me, this is a journalist that never gets credit when they try to speak out paired with a kid that protests through spray paint. He then transitions into merch by talking about how people profit off of the misfortunes of others. My favorite line is definitely “I love ya, will you marry me? Oh, what a shame we gotta pay for reality”.

6. original me (EP: the underrated youth)

This song is so good to scream to. Honestly, this is a “I did something stupid and feel guilty about it” song. You have the line “I’m so typical, my life ain’t difficult”. A lot of people feel guilty because other people have it worse and then they don’t talk about their problems. I have felt this way and I know plenty of other people that have. The line “Some days I wish I was anyone else” hits me as gender dysphoria. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that’s what YUNGBLUD and Den Reynolds were trying to say. I just think of seeing myself in the mirror and not recognizing that person. There’s a lot more to this song, but for the interest of time and not wanting to talk about the suicide mention, I’m moving on.

7. teresa (Album: weird!)

I love this song because you have a friend or a partner trying to uplift the person they care about in times of need. Teresa, whoever they are, is going through a tough time and YUNGBLUD, as the person trying to help, promises to watch over Teresa. The singer might also be having a tough time but focusing on his loved one instead. I get this with the line “We don’t need to say we’re dead”. Because of the “we” it seems like he’s making them the top priority. Which to me implies that  YUNGBLUD also relies on Teresa to some extent. He’s getting his happiness by helping them and appreciates their time together.

8. mars (Album: weird!)

 This song is actually inspired by a fan that YUNGBLUD met while on tour. The fan is trans and comes from an accepting environment. You can tell that the fan is trans because of the switch of pronouns throughout the song when talking about her parents. “Yeah, her Mum and Dad, they couldn’t understand Why she couldn’t turn it off, become a better man”. And “All this therapy Eats away gently at the side of her mind that she never had” suggests that she was also put in conversion therapy to “become cis”. Then the song describes her dream future. “She dreamed she’d go to California There everyone would adore her And all her mates will call her”.

Make no mistake, this song is top tier, I just cry every single time I hear it so it’s not an everyday song for me.

9. Die for the Hype (Album:21st Century Liability)

Die for the Hype is about how death can be glorified. There are lots of instances where people are made out to be great people because they died and you can’t disrespect the dead. This is an oversimplification of it but that’s basically the overall idea. I don’t think that this will ever cease to be a relevant topic  considering that death is a part of all life and there are way too many public figures that are suddenly referred to differently after they pass.

10. Weird! (Album: weird!)

I love how this song touches upon being authentic. He mentions how religion can be healing to many, but it’s not the solution for him. He’s dealing with personal struggles, such as the loss of family members and friends leaving. He doesn’t want to worry about how others will react about his emotions, he was to be open about them. He wants to not hide the fact that he’s sad. There are a few lines where he suggests that he found someone in his life that he wants to stay with. In a way, they’re his light in the darkness.