Beck’s Picks: YouTuber merch addition!


Beck Iannucci

As someone that watches a lot of YouTube, I have my favorite pieces of merch.


Back in June a few years ago, I bought one of his PMA hoodies. I had liked the design previously, but it did feel a little bland with just the black and white colors. The June edition is subtle, but it has a pop of color. Plus, a portion of the proceeds went to the Trevor Project. I was sure that this would be the perfect hoodie for me and it is. It’s comfortable that I wear it to sleep every day and often wear it out too.


Simply Nailogical 

Cristine has always provided me with laughs. Though there is less nail art on the channel nowadays, as she often jokes, there is still great content. If anything, I learn a whole lot about what not to do. And how could you not love classics such as baking a cake with nail polish? When Cristine said she was making her own nail polish line I had no doubt it was going to be great. As someone that got nail polish from the dollar store, this was quite an upgrade. One coat black really is one coat black. Which is a relief considering black dollar store nail polish needs about four coats. One coat white is also perfect — just as advertised. But you don’t only want to go with the basics. All the holos are worth a purchase. I only own two but I love them so much and the more holo you layer, the better it looks. I can not hype up this product enough. Plus she does a lot of nail art competitions where you can win gift cards to her shop! Look out for those on Twitter and Instagram.

Mr. Beast

I love Mr. Beast’s yellow frosted hoodie. This one I haven’t personally bought, but the color scheme is great. Pink, blue, and yellow just match together perfectly. And how can you not like the donuts design? I also like when he does codes so part of the proceeds can go to someone on the team. Karl is definitely my favorite out of all of Jimmy’s friends. I love Karl’s streams on Twitch and I love his personality. You can also infer that what you give to Jimmy will be donated. He often says the merch funds his crazy spending. Of course, something has to when he gives away so much money and has so many elaborate challenges.


Kurtis Conner

Kurtis’ channel, as well as podcast, is full of hilarious but insightful commentary. Plus, who doesn’t love an extra greeting at the beginning of every single video? Except for that one time.

There’s a lot to like about Kurtis’ merch. He has fake university and town merch. The new line of please be nice to me has cool designs. It is full under Kurtis Town merch, since it’s one of the laws of Kurtis Town. I hope we’ll get some more town laws soon.

The folks line is classic that should not be ignored.