The James Charles Drama

Abby Bozek

*Trigger warning: child grooming/ inappropriate conduct with a minor* 


The James Charles drama. What a mess. I watched an hour of drama channels so you don’t have to, so let’s answer the question. What has Jame Charles gotten himself into this time? 

James Charles: 21-year-old influencer who carries 14.4 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. This is lower than his prior 16.5 as of Friday morning — so why did he lose so many loyal supporters so quickly. The answer — sending inappropriate pictures and messages to a minor. 

As of late a TikTok famous 16-year-old boy came out about being uncomfortable by the Snapchats he had been receiving from his idol, James Charles. Years earlier this boy added Charles on Snapchat as he was a loyal fan. When Charles added him back last week, the boy was gleeful and sent him messages praising him. Following this Charles asked the boy’s age, and allegedly the boy said he was 18. He most likely said this as he idolized James, and was scared of getting blocked/unadded if he was to reveal his real age. 

Why do I say his age was alleged? Well, according to Charles, he found this boy when he came upon his Instagram explore page. Following this Charles added him on Snapchat. To get the boy’s Snapchat, Charles had to have scrolled through the highlights that show his Tiktok — clearly stating him to be 16. So how did Charles not know his real age? 

Back to where I left off. After Charles asked the age, he started to send sexual messages to the boy. This unfolded into elicit pictures. Charles continued to send pictures, even after the boy stated he was uncomfortable. The boy took photo and video evidence with this with another device. Charles eventually asked for his age again and when the boy admitted to being 16, Charles unadded the boy. Also, the boy has now filed a police report. 

So what is to come for Charles. Obviously, he has received a plethora of backlash online when the news broke. He released a Twitter statement that said the following: 

This tweet came with mixed reviews. Nonetheless, Charles is still getting backlash to a huge extent — his subscribers lost over two-million subscribers in just a few days. Even if this passes for him it is a pattern with him — though not minors, in the past he has sent explicit messages to those uncomfortable with it. So what do you think, is he in the wrong? Is there any career for him in the future?