How to Properly Wear A Mask

How to Properly Wear A Mask

Abby Bozek

Even though we are now one year into this pandemic, apparently it still needs to be said how to correctly wear your mask when in public. Just walking through the halls of Rye High School (as well as the town of Rye) I see some common mistakes. So, I’ll walk you through how to properly wear your mask. 


It’s as easy as one, two, three: 

  1. Put the straps over your ears. 
  2. Bring the mask over (as well as under) your chin and nose. 
  3. Pinch your nose and ta da! 


What not to do: 

  1. The mask under the nose move — you were so close, just move it a little more north. 
  2. Under the chin — you didn’t even try. Come on. 
  3. There are gaps in the side of your mask — we are a year into this. Please find a mask that fits. It is doing nothing with those gaps.
  4. One strap off your ear — what are you doing. Just stop. 
  5. No mask at all — don’t talk to me. Don’t even come near me. 


Complete these steps in order to stop the spread. The sooner we all wear our masks properly and socially distance, the sooner we can return to normal!