How did Covid change the fashion world?


Beck Iannucci

Everyone seemed to suspect that covid would change fashion in some way. There was a lot of talk about how consumers are buying more tops as opposed to pants. But what made things feel bizarre for me was when I went to Walmart and saw shirts being sold with matching masks. It makes me think of when my mom bought me clothes from Target in elementary school. They often came with bracelets or a necklace and that was the coolest thing.

For me, this raises the question of how effective it is. Are people more likely to wear masks if they view them as more of an accessory than a necessity? Could this also be an effective way to get kids to wear masks? I’m wondering if kids are more likely to keep their masks on if they have a design. Or do they just not care?

There have also been a lot of discussions about masks after the pandemic. People have voiced the opinion that masks will still be used. If masks are viewed as more of an accessory than they can certainly carry on past covid. 

Not to mention the decrease in lipstick sales. Will the makeup world be changed by this pandemic as well? Many have time to kill, so I’m sure more people have started learning makeup, but will the trends be influenced by this? Have we lost interest in lipstick and lip art as a whole, or will the lip art community’s popularity skyrocket after covid? This also raises the question of: will more people try this form of makeup? Technically, if it looks awful you can just put on your mask and no one will know.

What about homemade jewelry? How many have taken on this craft? Could this cause a decrease in sales or open up the market? Maybe less people buy jewelry and instead make their own. But others sell their creations. Could this mean supporting more small businesses or will there still be a huge amount of sales for mass produced accessories?