Blue Dogs Found in Russia


Allyson Hernandez

We have heard of people dyeing their dogs in completely different colors than they originally started with. However recently stray dogs have been turning up with bright blue fur at vets in Russia. The first pack of dogs was spotted just 230 miles out of Moscow. Where there happened to be an abandoned glass factory and chemical plant. All the dogs happen to be healthy and safe, but now with blue fur. People believe that these strays rolled around in some chemical at the factory. The chemical plant used to manufactured toxic hydrocyanic acid. This is the main ingredient in the Prussian Blue dye. Many are worried about the long-term effects these dog s will suffer, but they are going to be under supervision for the next 20 days. Hopefully, these dogs will be safe and healthy. Who knows how long the blue will stay but as long as there are no toxic effects, everyone should welcome new blue dogs to the world.