What’s Up With Emma Watson?


maya egan

Over the last few days, all I’ve seen on social media is people mourning the loss of Emma Wason’s acting career and I’ve wondered to myself: Is she actually quitting acting or is this a rumor that people online ran with? Although no one knows for sure the condition/ future of her acting career, let’s talk about her impact and theories regarding her position in the entertainment industry.

Emma Watson is definitely one of the most influential actresses for my generation–I feel like a lot of people feel a personal connection to her because of the fact that we watched her grow up in the Harry Potter series as Hermoine Granger. Also, she is a part of many pivotal coming of age movies that teenagers often find themself relating to, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the 2019 variation of Little Women. The fact that she plays such relatable and lovable characters makes it so much more difficult to see these rumors that she’s retiring on the internet.

Emma Watson has kept her online presence to a bare minimum the last six months—she hasn’t posted on Instagram since June sixth, and she doesn’t use other forms of social media. Her Instagram bio states, “Emma’s official Instagram page is currently dormant and is not being updated.” I think it’s important to mention, though, that her online presence has always been a very little amount. Unlike other celebrities that document their daily lives, Emma Watson usually just posts every once in a while, and usually, each post has a lot of meaning–she usually promotes racial equality and feminism, along with other forms of social justice work.

I just want to preface that no one truly knows the status of her acting career– literally, any article you look at will say something different than the next. But, what we do know is that Watson’s representative stated that she, “Wasn’t taking on new commitments.”  Her manager, Jason Weinberg also stated that “Social media accounts are dormant but her career isn’t.” These comments are probably the most accurate statements we will get online–her rep. never directly said she will stop acting completely, but rather not accept new commitments. She also never specified how long she won’t be accepting new roles, and whether or not this actually means she’s retiring. I feel like these comments are kind of contradictory, but I feel like the general consensus is that she is laying low for now, but no one knows what is in store for the future.

This iconic actress’s retirement says a lot about the Entertainment industry and its impact on childhood actors and actresses–many childhood stars retire earlier than their counterparts. This makes me ponder just how destructive this industry is, and what can be done to improve the treatment of those working in it.