How covid has made coming out at school easier

How covid has made coming out at school easier

Beck Iannucci

I’ve been reflecting on my school year so far and there was a conclusion that I came to. Coming out was easier this year — at least for me.

I put in a request with the school and the next day my name was changed on all my accounts. None of my teachers made a big deal about it and acted accordingly. This is something I feel would be different if we were physically in the classroom. Having Beck displayed on screen is a helpful reminder. In fact, it seemed to be helpful for my classmates, who caught on quickly.

One of my teachers has also been extra helpful. She’s actually the only one to use the right pronouns for me and said something when my classmates started questioning my name. Though she teaches a subject I usually hate, I’ve come to love the class. Honestly, I feel the safest in her class. I truly feel like she’d have my back if I wasn’t fully remote or if we weren’t hybrid at all.

The thing is, I feel like this transition online took a lot of weight off my shoulders. It gave me more time to feel comfortable while giving those around me time to adjust. Obviously, this isn’t the same for everyone; Coming out never is. But I feel a lot better where I am today than I did while in classrooms last year or the year before. In that aspect, covid has made things easier.