Beck’s Picks: Remy addition


Beck Iannucci

Four months ago, I got a German Shepherd puppy, named Remy. Here are my favorite things about him.

  • when he sticks his head into boxes

Remy is a curious puppy so often sticks his head in empty boxes that were set aside for recycling. I have, however, caught him with his head in a box full of La Croix and many other various objects.




















  • spa day

Remy loves being taken to get his nailed trimmed because he knows he’ll get extra treats. He tries to wait patiently in the waiting room.








  • when he’s not photogenic

Remy loves making funny faces and sometimes that gets in the way of taking a nice photo. I still, of course, love all the silly photos.





















  • when he steals my mom’s slipper

It’s not amusing to her, but I find it hilarious. You’ll notice that he not only bites the slipper; he also puts his nose in it.












  • when he wears his raincoat

I can’t help it. I have to laugh when I see Remy walking around the house in the coat with an annoyed expression. He is, however, fine with it when he gets outside.








  • when he falls asleep with a shoe

Remy loves comping shoes and moving them around the house. But another favorite of his is to fall asleep with a shoe.