The Butch Hartman allegations


Beck Iannucci

TW: ableism — towards autistic people specfiically, talk of religion, death, cancer

If you have watched cartoons on Nickelodeon, you probably know Butch Hartman. His most notable cartoons are Danny Phantom and Fairy Odd Parents. These are two shows that I’ve grown up with. But these past few months I’ve heard people calling him ableist and now there’s the stolen art drama. So let’s unpack all of this and find out what’s really happening.


Butch claims to have “cured” autism. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment. There are so many individuals and organizations that claim to be supporting autistic individuals and instead want to change them. This idea of a “cure” gives off the impression that autism is a disease. Now think about assumptions that are often made when thinking about diseases. You see the issue, right?

Now let’s hear how this imbecile wants to “cure” people. Oh? With God? That’s right folks: it’s another crazy Christian! 

For the record, yes, I know not every Christian is like this. Most of my family is Christian. But we do have a few who are homophic and blame it on religion and old age. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: religion is not an excuse to attack an entire group of people.

The religious people I come across are always saying that God doesn’t make mistakes. Yet, these people hate conditions that others are born with. Butch is one of those that acts like autism is a disease, right? Well diseases can be contracted and spread. Autism can’t be. People are born autistic and it can’t be transferred. There is no cure because autistic people are just living their lives the way they were born. That’s all there is to it.

Here’s a flyer for one of the events he held:

If you look at what else his flyer lists in addition to autism you get a sense of how dangerous these teachings are. Cancer is listed as something he can cure. Imagine someone stopping their treatments to do this instead. They’ll die without putting up a fight. In another statement he actually outright encourages this type of behavior.

Stolen art

Butch does commissions for a few hundred dollars. When I heard this my mind was blown. Firstly, I know many talented artists that have commissions for $50 or less depending on the piece. A head shot could be around $20-30 with a full body shot being around $40-50. Of course shots with more detailed backgrounds are more. Butch’s art isn’t that detailed. He’s obviously charging so much because he’s famous and it has nothing to do with the work he puts into the piece. Secondly, it’s not very affordable. Yes, not all art is, but people are probably spending so much for art that’s not good because he’s famous. There’s something that feels so gross about that.

When showing commission examples, people have started to realize similarities with other pieces. Lots of these commissions have been fanart. Now, fan art is art inspired by other art. But it is an artist putting their own spin on the piece and should not involve tracing. However, if you’re making fanart of fanart that needs to be clear. Fanart in general gives an understanding that you don’t own the character, but you’re using a unique idea. If you’re using an idea that’s not yours it should be specified.

With Butch’s Misha Ackerman art he not only took an idea from another fanart without credit, but many suspect he has also traced the art he referenced. The artist has actually come forward and put out a statement after being notified by fans. They have lots of cool art of their own that you should check out. I scrolled through their Twitter after seeing the original since I love AOT.

When someone’s art is stolen you should check out their other art. Leave a few likes, maybe retweet to spread awareness. Or comment something nice since someone else is profiting off their work. That’s gotta hurt. It’s important to support artists in general, but especially in times of need. 

He has also came under fire for his Ranma 1/2 fanart since it directly overlaps with official art. Meaning that he traced art and then charged a couple hundred dollars for it.




Many also pointed out that the background is ugly. I have to agree. It’s a disgusting color and such awful shading.

I’m also gonna leave this here…







Okay to steal other people’s art? No, Butch. When you don’t have a style? Then I guess you don’t have style or original ideas, Butch.