My Opinion On To All the Boys: Always and Forever


Allyson Hernandez

To All The Boys Always and Forever returns with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky tackling senior year together. Like most of the movies, we follow Lara Jean and Peter’s love story except this time no John Ambrose to tear them apart. In this movie, they go through the struggle every couple goes through as a senior in high school, deciding where to go to college, and do we go together? What I can say about this movie is that it was pretty cringy, but also not as bad as the second movie. I will say I did like the way they gave Kitty a love interest and made him Korean boy. It was also nice to see Dad’s relationship develop and get married to Trina. But what I didn’t like is how they had Peter’s dad show up out of nowhere. We knew his father had left him due to the first movie but he was never mentioned again and then just shows up randomly in the 3rd movie.  Also, the way they make Lara Jean try so hard to save the relationship and then just have Peter break it off after one little fight was ridiculous. It made it seem that he didn’t care as much and was just looking for an out. And as much as I like them together because of the first movie, they should have broken up because there is no way they can do long distances. From New York to California especially with their relationship that has been rocky since the beginning. Along with the fact Lara Jean only fell in love with New York because of a subway ride and the one band she heard playing at a party. They should have explored it further,especially showing more of NYU considering that she chose that school over Berkley. However, in the end, the movie did have its cute moments like prom and the wedding. Though nothing will ever compare to the fantastic production of the first movie.