Did North West Actually Paint This Painting?


Allyson Hernandez

Proud mother Kim Kardashian West posted an Instagram story showing of daughter North West’s beautiful painting. And oh boy the memes that came from this one post, hit the internet faster than anything I’ve seen. People were shocked and believed that North absolutely did not paint her painting. Instagram and Twitter were filled with other famous paintings with the caption “… North West inspired by her favorite artist Bob Ross.” But of course, Kim Kardashian as her mother was quick to defend her and fans also did too. Previous students from Calabasas painted the exact same painting saying it’s something every child paints with this specific teacher.  Kardashian West also posted Kanye’s old artwork from when he was a child around North’s age. I can say that they have artist blood going through their DNA. In my unprofessional opinion, I think North really did paint this and shouldn’t even be a question. There the Kardashians, they can hire the best art teacher known to humans or even multiple to teach you each technique. Then again why would Kim who has a well-known social media platform, who knows she can get backlash at any time over anything lie? The teacher’s daughter even went out of her saying how she never thought she would have to prove to the internet, that one of her mother’s students actually painted something. Also, did the internet just forget that North is a child and she shouldn’t have all this backlash? This is why social media is known to be toxic, kids aren’t even an exception anymore.