Deep Dive: Outside opinion on if Sports Leagues should be doing more on Mental Health


Johnny Mambrino, Editor

Mental health problems have been a substantially more relevant topic as of the last few years in sports and I thought it would be interesting to get an outside opinion on the topic. My dad and I have had a lot of interesting conversations about sports the last few years and he’s had a lot to say about certain topics but he has never really focused too much on the mental side of sports. He doesn’t think about it very often, as most 50-year-old dads don’t. All they care about it is if their teams are winning or not.

I asked my dad if the big-time professional sports leagues should be doing more to help players with mental health problems and basically what his general opinion was on the topic. He thinks it’s definitely a problem that has come to light a lot more in recent years. I mentioned Kyrie Irving as someone I had highlighted in my Centerpiece, and he had a lot to say about Kyrie saying that he thinks Kyrie shouldn’t even be playing if he can’t get his act together. This was more directed at Kyrie’s 2-week mental health break from the team.  Since then Kyrie has been playing very well but he’s done this a bunch of times in his career so you never know what’s really going on with him. My dad was quoted as saying, “at times It feels like he(Kyrie) thinks he’s bigger than the game itself, I’m glad he’s not on the Knicks.” A similar opinion I had, although I don’t know if I agree about the Knicks part. He also said it’s all about getting guys on the same page and if nobody can communicate with him that he needs to be apart of the team and Kyrie can’t make clear his problems there will never be an unproblematic Kyrie. That is also why he thinks communication between players and coaches and other higher personnel is what needs to be accomplished.