How I’m growing my manga and figure collection


Beck Iannucci

I love looking at what other people collect and watching their collections grow! I thought you might enjoy my collection and some tips on how to grow your own.

These past couple years I have loved reading manga. There are many series that the library doesn’t have or my favorites that I’d like to read whenever I want. Mangas usually range from $8.99 – 12 each. Obviously this can be pretty damaging on someone’s budget if you’re attempting to collect an entire series. That’s why I’ve been hunting for used books. This past year I have learned a lot of tricks!

Firstly, eBay is your best choice. I have bought used books off of Mercari but I find that Mercari books are dangerously overpriced. Most Mercari sellers I’ve seen try to list books for the new price and don’t discount them even though they’re used or barely take off money. eBay is the most budget friendly option I’ve found. Auctions are the key to buying bulk books for very cheap. If you’re willing to wait it out, this is a good option. You just have to know when to tap out and try again. Another great hack is finding Goodwill books. Goodwill actually has a bunch of eBay accounts for the different locations. I’ve been to Goodwill in person but the stores don’t always offer a wide range of products, much less a specific volume you’re looking for. While there is no guarantee that Goodwill eBay will have everything on your list, it’s worth a try. What you want to do is put in the title of the series and the volume number. You want to be as specific as possible to get a good result. For example, I’m collecting the Bleach mangas. So far I own books 1-36, 55-57, and 68-71. Let’s pretend we’re looking for more volumes now.

The closest I could find to 36 is vol 41. This is what I meant by it being chance. But to find these Goodwill books you have to look for the benefits charity marker. It’s usually under the shipping price.

This one is a little bit more because it’s in “very good condition”. The closer to new it is, the more it costs. If you buy books that are in “good condition” you can get them for a few bucks less. I bought some more Bleach mangas from Goodwill yesterday for $3 each. Don’t be afraid of the “good condition” section when it comes to used books.

Ex-library books are also your friend. I also wanted to collect the Noragami series. I got 9 of the volumes which costs $98.91 dollars at Barnes and Nobel ($10.99 each). I got the volumes for $30 with free shipping because they’re ex-library. Some of the covers are bent, but none of the pages are missing and none of the corners have been folded. It’s a great condition for a good price.

The figures, however, have been harder to collect. Figures are cheaper when you buy them from the manufacturer. That’s because products that are being made in China are being made extremely cheap. Don’t be shy when it comes to repaints as well. I bought a repaint of a Rem figure. I tried to get her through multiple auctions but the price got too high each time and it was also overpriced on the listings. Finally, I found a reasonably priced Rem sweater figure and fell in love. The darker blue was really cute and the painter also added tights which I liked. I bought the listing immediately and was overjoyed when the figure arrived. There weren’t any painting mistakes — she showed up just as advertised. Actually, this particular Rem figure is my favorite out of my collection!