Deep Dive: Outside Opinion on Whether Sports Should be Played During a Pandemic


Charlie Abt

With sports having returned last summer, many people were split on the topic as to whether professional sports should be. I asked my older brother and sister, both of whom are in college, and only my brother regularly watches sports, while my sister will, she prefers not to. When asked, my brother stated, “Yes because it is entertainment.” While it was a very short response, it did give a good insight into how many feel. I also tend to agree with him, but of course, there other things to consider, and it wasn’t purely based on public entertainment. My sister had a slightly different opinion on the matter, “As I’m not a huge fan of professional sports, there’s not much value for me to have the sports continue during the pandemic. However, I know that for many people, professional sports are a huge part of their lives and a major source of entertainment. As long as the sports can be played safely, I have no problem with it.” While she gave the longer response, the general sentiment was the same as she believes that if it can be done safely, then it is fine. I feel like the majority of people in this country fall somewhere near those two quotes and generally agree it is good, but not something that should be done without considerations.