A Deep Dive Into Finding Out If Gen Z Really is “The Most Powerful Generation” Part5


Gen Z is really many things. They have their flaws and they have their strengths. After considering what I’ve read and researched about Gen Z, I do agree with the statement that they are the most powerful generation. The reason I say this is because they are the most dead set on trying to fix the world, and will do anything to achieve it. Gen Z wants to correct the course the other generations put the world on. And most of them have started at such a young age. Multiple teens and kids are giving their whole adolescence to change the world. Many of them are succeeding too and if they fail they keep going. But I believe as newer generations start to come into our lives that title can be taken away. They are only going to get smarter, stronger, and better. Gen Z has that title now and is dedicating themselves to saving the planet.  I do believe they will make it far with being the most powerful generation but I don’t think they will save the world just improve it a big amount. So as for now, I agree with Forbes and Google, Gen Z is a lot more powerful than the generations before. Can’t wait to see what they do in the future.