A Deep Dive Into Finding Out If Gen Z Really is “The Most Powerful Generation” Part4


Throughout my research in finding out if Gen Z is and should be considered “the most powerful generation”, I’ve also found some facts and opinions about them that lead to different perspectives. Generation Z may be good at acknowledging mental health, but they have the highest rates of it. In some cases, you can become stronger from your mental illness but sometimes it’s harder for others, according to researchers most Gen Zers qualify as others. Multiple studies say most ages from 15-21 are constantly dealing with stress and anxiety, with the number one source being mass shootings. Other top sources of mental illness for this generation happen to be sexual harassment and separation/deportation of immigrant families.  While Gen Z may struggle with mental illness a lot more, it doesn’t make it a weakness when they can still grow from it. Another fact that many people consider as something bad about Gen Z, is their obsession with technology. Older generations see them as people addicted to drugs except make it phones, laptops, etc. They see them as humans who can’t interact physically and only through social media. No real interactions and they expect them to fail in the adult world. But the future is technology and by the time most of them grow the world would be even more technologically advanced. Then there is also the cancel culture that the former student brought up in the last article. Canceling people for human actions isn’t something that should exist. Yes, some people may be bad and deserving of it, but these people are still human. Ruining someone’s life work is awful and these people probably are already dealing with guilt. No need to add more self-deprecating thoughts. Gen Z may have some toxic traits and issues that not everyone will understand, but everyone has their flaws. However, they still have more accomplishments and have a really big desire to change the world.