A Deep Dive Into Finding Out If Gen Z Really is “The Most Powerful Generation” Part3


Millennials are the generation before Gen Z and are considered to be the smartest generation. Millennials are more team-oriented, tech-savvy as well, etc. However, some Millennials have a history of not getting along with Gen Z. Generation Z has never been more clear on wanting people to know the difference between the two and have openly shown their frustration. They find individuals calling them Millennials insulting. Gen Z has complained all over social media, about how tired they are of hearing Millennials speak on how they’re adulting. They also happen to be sick of them as a whole and their lifestyles. Millennials on the other hand find it very annoying being constantly called old and not being able to speak their minds on their lives. On social media, some Millennials chose to laugh off what Gen Z was saying, but others retaliated. Some chose to say they were superior because they had a childhood that didn’t have them glued to their phones. Gen Z chose to keep the hatred towards Millennials and now all older generations too. 

I reached out to a Millennial who was a former student at Rye High School and asked her two questions. What is her opinion on Gen Z and does she believe “they are the most powerful generation so far.” 

Her response: She believes Gen Z has done a lot and is really impressed with the way they think/how open they are about it. She doesn’t believe that they are the most powerful “there is always going to be a generation that one-ups the next.” She says “the next generation will always be more open, more willing to make social changes and stand their ground in what they really believe in.” The former student also states that there are also a lot of kids in Gen z that still think backwards like the generation before. She believes that Generation Z is powerful for right now but not the most. She continues on to give Gen Z the complement of being funny and intelligent. There are also the faults of Generation Z that she sees, which is how self-deprecating they are. The ex-student brings up how Gen Z is big on cancel culture and how that shouldn’t be okay. In the end, she says that the next generation will most likely become more powerful, but for now, that’s Gen Z.