A Deep Dive Into Finding Out If Gen Z Really is “The Most Powerful Generation” Part2

January 25, 2021

Generation Z is one of many things, but they seem to be more accomplished than any other. They have some of the most talented and hardworking people out of all the generations. This gives the world a reason to name them “the most powerful generation.” We have people going viral at ages 14 and making an income for the families. There are kids buying out a president’s rally to purposely sabotage it. Personally, I think that is the most courageous thing ever. To go up against a president and then get him so riled up, that he goes out of his way to try to shut down an app is insane. Then there are also the independent and creative kids who have made small businesses. Numerous of them are creating anything, making clothing, jewelry, paintings, and more just to sell it. After a while, a lot of them turn out to be extremely successful, which is super impressive. Gen Zers have been stepping out and helping the world become a better place, more than adults are, even with the little things. All of them count whether it’s big, amazing, or little it makes people happy and want to change.  

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old has been working extremely hard to fix the climate crisis. She speaks at summits and does a better job at healing the world than old politicians. 

Anika Cherbelu, a 14-year-old created an antiviral drug that helps fight covid19. At this young age, this girl did way more than any professional doctor.

Nicholas Lowinger, a 17-year-old made an organization to help the homeless get shoes. He’s helped over 99,000 homeless children.

Sophie Cruz who was 5 when she started(now 11) is a human activist and helped create the Parents of Americans Act. An act to help deported parents of kids born in America, she even got a meeting with Obama.

Easton LaChappelle at 17(now 21) started making prosthetics at a cheaper price, so everyone who needs it can get it without struggling. 

Jahkil Jackson at age 8 (now 13) made a company to help homeless people get food and toiletries. 

That’s just a few of the Gen Zers working to make a change and there are thousands more. Maybe it’s their dedication to change and succeeding,  that makes them powerful. Considering most of them start to do it at such a young age and stick through it.  

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