Another Week Another Gus

Abby Bozek

Gus enjoys the spotlight, and with the last article about him, he adored it. So, here’s another to make the little prince happy.


He’s Small But Will Bite (Kind Of)

Even though he’s 17 pounds he will show his teeth when he’s ready to play … well I think that’s what his small head thinks. 


All That Play Makes Him Tired 

After all that play he will sleep in his new coat on top of his sister, Dorothy. 


The Rare Picture of All The Dogs


Given that Lola is old and sleeps all of the time, and Dorothy refuses to be touched, it is incredible that this picture was ever taken. 


An Excited Gus 

Gus gets most excited at this time of night: dinner. One not pushed in chair is his opportunity to strike. 


His Eyes On the Prize 

He set his eyes on the food he wants. Will he get it? We’ll just have to see. 


He Strikes 

Aaaaaand he got it. A little yelling is worth the mouthful of food. 


Making Himself Comfortable

Even though he’s wearing his snood (his least favorite thing), he makes himself comfortable in the least imaginable of places: in the back of the couch.


Bath Time or Spa Time?

Even though drying him is a chore, and he acts insane out of the bath, in the bath he enjoys the warm water and often will lay down. Still, he’ll smell like fish the next day (nasty dog).