Seminars suck.


Alex Conn

First off I don’t know if they are called seminars it’s just the first word that I could come up with to describe these things. These seminars are basically when an outside group comes to a school and they talk about a topic. Smoking and drugs are popular seminar topics but I’ve seen seminars on other topics.

I think everyone here knows what I’m talking about. I’m going to give you an example of a seminar that was here at Rye High School. In 2018 there was a theater group. I remember the name of the theater group but I don’t want to say it because that’s not what this article is about.

But anyway this theater group was teaching us about sexual harassment which is an incredibly important issue but this was horrible. They used skits to talk about the issue and this woman who ran the theater group would explain what was happening to us like we were stupid.

I don’t think anyone learned anything. I sat there bored out of my mind fantasizing about seeing Call Me By Your Name again after school ended.

Smoking and drugs are the usual seminars to do. They are always really boring and bad and have a cringe Nancy Reagan vibe.

These seminars do absolutely nothing. South Park satirized these seminars in two amazing episodes ‘’Sexual Harassment Panda’’ and “ Butt Out’’. The latter has the kids smoking after the anti smoking seminar. I recommend teachers and faculty that think these seminars work to watch those episodes because they are accurate.

I’ve only had one seminar in my life that was great and actually I think had an effect on the students. It was an African American poet who had a learning disability and came to talk about how he learned to succeed in spite of it. He read poetry to us and he was very charismatic.

If you are going to do seminars do something like that that actually inspires kids and have someone who you really think connects with students and does not talk down to them. Positivity is great and we need more positivity in this world.