We glossed over the Miku & Ashnikko collab too quickly


Beck Iannucci

Ashnikko had many hits in 2020 so may remember her from her hit song Stupid. She got her popularity through the app, TikTok, last year. Then, there was a surge of singers getting popular through the app, like Sub Urban and Doja Cat. Ashnikko, however, had been making music for quite some time before her TikTok fame. In her HollywoodLife interview, she explains that she makes music to boost her confidence, as well as those around her. Ashnikko is also loud and proud about her views, talking openly about topics that anger her and sharing her political views. Many of her viewers admire how Ashnikko speaks about these topics and appreciate the humor that can be found in her songs.

Hatsune Miku, meanwhile, is an animated video game character and singer. The teenage android can be found in Vocaloid, with games for many devices. I have one for my Nintendo DS, but they have branched out to so much more. The orginal songs can be found on YouTube and wherever you buy music.

Ashnikko and Miku are a perfect fit, both being singers and having vibrant blue ponytails. I also loved the fact that Ashnikko was also animated as opposed to having Miku put in next to her. Not having her animated would not only come off as cheesy, but it wouldn’t fit the mood. I think they would feel like less of a compatible duo as well. The dances and eerie mood, found in Daisy 2.0, were spectacular. Miku has an overall cute but scary vibe which pairs nicely with Ashnikko.

I can’t wait to see more of what these two artists have in store, and I’m hopeful for another collab in the future.