A Deep Dive Into Finding Out If Gen Z Really is “The Most Powerful Generation”


Everyone knows the infamous Gen Z but did you know that according to Forbes and Google, they’re “the most powerful generation to exist so far.” They are known for working harder than any other generation, technologically more advanced, and creatively better. After the events of this awful summer, Gen Z proved to be the group that loves diversity more than anyone else. They stood up and almost all joined the protests which are reported in statistics taken on them. However, this is the generation who decided that eating tide pods was worth a taste and doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge was necessary. Along with sometimes doing foolish things and standing up for something they believe in, Gen Z prides themselves on being brave and “not scared of anything.” They will talk back to anyone and possibly fight people, yet they are terrified of telling the waiter their order. Which is confusing more than ever because asking for food at a restaurant shouldn’t be a big deal. Generation Z also happens to be the most educated and aware of mental health. They are higher in numbers for having mental health issues, but who could blame them when they are dealing with stress and anxiety they could have gotten from things like school shootings and more. I’m going to dedicate my time to see if Gen Z truly is the most powerful generation and as a member of Gen Z I promise to not be biased. Now to see if Forbes and Google are right to believe Gen Z deserves the title of most powerful.