Beck rates: The Owl House


Beck Iannucci

It’s no secret that I love cartoons. When two of my friends talked highly of this series, I knew I had to watch. If you’re a lover of Disney and magic, this one’s for you too.

The series follows a 14 year old girl in love with the idea of being a witch. Her imaginative nature gets her into a lot of trouble, so Luz is sent to a summer camp aimed at making her “normal”. Instead, Luz wanders off and makes it into a portal to the magic world, missing her camp bus and finding herself stuck in a new world.

The series has no shortage of charming characters. There’s Hooty, the talking house, who loves to talk but no one listens. Then there’s King, a demon king who has been stripped of his powers. Eda, the witch called The Owl Lady, who has a magic staff that comes to life. His name is Owlbert and he’s absolutely adorable!

Not to mention the character development Lilith and Amity go through. Watching Amity leave her fake friends, find her voice, grow less stuck up about grades, and make amends with old friends was such a tearjerker. As was seeing Lilith make up with her sister and snap out of her delusions.

I thought it would be fun to make a tier list together to further discuss characters.

In S tier we have Hooty, Owlbert, King, Amity, Luz, and Eda. Hooty, Owlbert and King are the best companions you could ask for. King also has an episode where, like Hooty, he keeps talking nonstop because he wants to share the things he’s passionate about. Despite being the ruler of demons, King is really sweet and deserves appreciation.

Next is Amity and Luz. We have already talked about Luz’s character development, so let’s spend some time on the protagonist. Luz keeps an optimistic outlook on things and tries her hardest to be a witch, though the odds are against her. I also love her cat ear hoodie and how she changes the middle school for the better.

Eda is also in S tier because of her wacky antics and free spirit. 

In A tier we have Willow and Gus, two witches Luz becomes friends with. Gus is used as comic relief quite a few times because he is fascinated by humans and has many questions for Luz, along with preconceived notions. All in all, he’s a nice acquaintance and seems like a fun guy to be around.

Next is Willow, a witch who dreams of perfecting plant magic. As viewers we see her gain confidence and perfect this craft. 

Both Willow and Gus are great characters, but they aren’t my favorite, thus the A tier ranking.

In B tier we have the Blight twins. They’re Amity’s mischievous siblings. I put them in B tier because they can be quite annoying while trying to tease Amity and they don’t have that many scenes so they haven’t had the chance to make it up to me. They seem too much like characters just there to drive the plot at times, but I don’t dislike them.

In C tier we have Mattholomule, one of Gus’ classmates. Again, points taken off for being annoying. He does redeem himself in the end, but he only lasted one episode and annoyed me for most of it because he was picking on Gus. Not the worst, but not the best.

In D tier we have Lilith. As previously mentioned she has a redemption arc. But I feel like D tier is fair because she doesn’t stand up for sister until the last few episodes. We did her start to crack quite a few times and she did believe that her actions would help her sister, though they did the opposite. I feel like I can’t dislike her too much since she had good intentions, just didn’t know how to go about them.

Lastly, In F tier we have Boscha and Emperor Belos. Boscha is one of Amity’s fake friends and the Emperor is evil. Without spoiling too much, the Emperor has been lying about quite a few things.

The Owl House has a total of 19 episodes so far, but there is supposed to be a season 2! Without spoiling, the series ends on an uncertain note, leaving the view with more than a few questions.

If you’re looking for a heartfelt show, you can find episodes on Disney Now, Disney+, YouTube, Hulu, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime Video.