A definitive ranking of the different types of naps

Caleigh Russo


In our stagnant state, options for entertainment are limited. While we cannot enjoy many of our favorite outings and activities, we can still take naps. A nap enthusiast, I feel that the day is way too long so why not take a break in the middle. We have too much time on our hands anyways. Any Type A individual knows that one can only evade sleep for so long before they crash, so why not take a nap in between those study sessions?

Without further ado, here are some of the naps I’ve taken and my rankings of them:

7.Transportation nap– On-the- go doze, AKA the Transportation nap–  We have all been on those early road trips, pulled out of our beds for the comfort of a crowded car and an endless road. We often find ourselves drifting off in very uncomfortable positions and waking up with a backache. However, we wake up feeling glad we got to sleep because the alternative would be listening to whatever podcast our parents are playing.

6.Sickly Slumber (sick nap)– These are terrible because you’re super drained and feel terrible when you take them. Also, they rarely help.

5.Inevitable Snooze-fest Rest (boredom nap)- These naps can stem from one of two reasons: the first being the “i have nothing better to do” or the second being “your lecture was a total snooze-fest”. Also, these can turn into Catastrophic Catnaps way too easily. 

4.Swift Snooze– Otherwise known as a “cat nap” these naps are ideal for anyone looking to recharge. The concept is that one can only sleep for 20 minutes so as to not hit REM sleep. Once one hits REM sleep, it is nearly impossible to wake up (Thanks AP Psych). These naps are by far the most productive but also the most unrealistic.

3. Food coma– one of the best–  There is a stigma around these naps so I just need to clear the air: these naps aren’t always the product of overeating. There are just some foods that make you very drowsy. These are the best though.Brisk Beauty 

2. Catastrophic Catnap — These naps are often the best because they weren’t supposed to happen in the first place. One who takes a Catastrophic Catnap can say that they are napping in defiance. They are missing whatever commitment they have to sleep. For this reason, Catastrophic Catnaps are so much better because it is so much more gratifying to be sleeping when you’re not supposed to be. This can also be called the “ya snooze, ya lose nap”.

1.Seaside Siesta-– Also known as a “beach nap”, Seaside Siestas are BY FAR my favorite type of nap. There is something about falling asleep on the beach that is so nice. The only downside; you get super burnt.

As much as we’d all love the ability to run around endlessly with no signs of exhaustion, we all know that this is simply not the case. For people with hectic and demanding schedules, the ability to override the body’s natural need for sleep is inevitable.