If you are active online, please take these precautions to avoid gore


Beck Iannucci

Firstly, you want to avoid your TikTok for you page. Let’s not forget when pet videos started to play and then the uploaded showed someone getting sh*t. That wasn’t too long ago. To stay safe, just stay on your following page or avoid the app altogether.

Next lets talk about Twitter. I heard videos of the woman getting sh*t are being put under Biden’s tweets so do NOT check his replies.

You can also turn off Twitter auto play incase one of these videos makes it to your timeline. Here’s how:

  1. click settings and privacy
  2. click data usage
  3. click video auto play
  4. lastly click never

Auto play is also on Instagram. Here’s how to turn it off:

  1. tap on your profile
  2. tap on the three lines in the corner
  3. tap on settings
  4. tap account
  5. tap cellular data use
  6. then turn it on

This should stop auto play.

Please avoid BTS fancams as well. I love their music too, but many are taking stolen fancams and then showing gory videos. For the time being, avoid any TikTok or videos made by fans. You can still enjoy their music videos and Run BTS! episodes, but no cams to stay safe. Here is a specific one I know of but there are many more: