Why the Giants Didn’t Make the Playoffs


Ryan Surhoff

There are a couple of reasons why the Giants didn’t extend their season into the playoffs. We are going to start off with a very slow start to the season, some teams might have a slum like this but a 1-5 start isn’t what you want to see for a playoff run. The only reason they were still in the hunt is because of the NFC east, no teams had a winning record this season. The second reason was tough losses by the end of the season. I believe that the Giants could have beaten the Cardinals and the Browns. Here is why the Cardinals were coming off losing 4 games in a row and the giants were coming off the biggest win of the season. They had all the momentum coming into that game but they took a beating. The next game was against the Browns which are very beatable. I love Joe Judge as a coach but against good teams they need to take the easy field goals to begin the game. There was 1 instent in the middle of the season where the Giants were milking the clock and “Pro Bowler” Evan Engram drops an easy game ending catch to lose against the Eagles. Another loss to the Ravens put them in a place to win and hope for the Washington Football Team to lose. The last game of the season Big Blue took care of the Cowboys with a dramatic ending. Securing the w against Dallas Giants needed an Eagles win. The last reason made a lot of people angry. The Eagles benching Jalen Hurts at the end of the game to almost throw a close game away. Carson Wentz didn’t come in no no he wasn’t even dressed what a waste of 100 Million dollars. The backup who came in doesn’t need to be named because he wasn’t very good at what he does. This Giant’s players took to twitter criticizing the decision to throw that game. I hope the Eagles don’t fire Doug Peterson so that he can get destroyed in the NFC East for next Year.