Mr. Beast creates his own YouTube Rewind


Beck Iannucci

YouTube Rewind is YouTube’s yearly celebration of content. Viewers have often criticized Rewind for not having the creators they wanted or being too cheesy. Most notably, when YouTubers did Fortnite dances together.

Last year, YouTube attempted to create a new Rewind by sharing stats instead of skits. I was actually in favor of this idea. Showing the most liked videos is a great way to ensure you’re celebrating content that people loved. I also liked how it was broken up into categories and they created ones to shine the spotlight on new creators.

This year YouTube cancelled Rewind, implying that they wanted skits as opposed to stats. Because of this, Mr. Beast, a YouTuber that usually gives away money through challenges and has a gaming channel, accepted the job. He reached out to creators and asked what they wanted to see. While this was a good idea in theory, I have some problems with how he went about it.

Firstly, having Mark to talk about Unus Annus but not having Ethan strikes me as rude. Both put in an equal amount of effort and worked hard. They both deserve time to be recognized for their accomplishment.

I’m also wondering why there was so much Logan Paul. Honestly, you’d think he’d be cancelled after mocking a dead man and disrespecting the culture and people of a foreign country he’s visiting. That alone should stop people from promoting him. Yet somehow he keeps coming back. His current tactic to stay relevant is by boxing but we’ll see how long that lasts for. Mr. Beast saying “Congrats on not having a major controversy this year” is insensitive. When he showed a dead body uncensored to children he harmed lots of lives. You don’t get to joke about him not being a d*ck this year. Wtf?

Another creator was also shown a lot that I take issue with. For the sake of the argument, if you want to put his controversy aside, what did PewDiePie do this year that was notable? Play games like always? Realistically, he was only included because he’s friends with Mr. Beast.

Overall, there were some great parts of his Rewind, but way too many issues.