Let’s talk about HARLEY QUINN


Beck Iannucci

Now I think we can all agree that Suicide Squad left something to be desired. What made that movie great to me was Margot Robie’s performance. In every movie I’ve seen her in, Margot has excelled. I would also like to point out that Will Smith played Dead Shot. Same as Margot, he’s also an actor that has yet to disappoint me. The talent of these two saved the movie for me. I also didn’t know much about Katana and the movie sparked my interest to learn more.

Next we should talk about Birds of Prey. Again, points for the actors chosen. I am, however, pissed off about the final selection of characters. Pamela Isley was noticeably missing and what about Selina Kyle? It sucks because Harley and Pamela are the perfect duo and we never get to see much of them. We also can’t ignore how iconic the Gotham City Sires are. It feels like a missed opportunity. That’s why I normally prefer the cartoons when it comes to the Batman franchise.

HARLEY QUINN, the DC animated series, however, is everything I wanted and more. First off, Pamela, aka Poison Ivy, is one of the main characters exploring their relationship with Harley. They have been dating in the comics for a long time, but from what I’ve seen of DC, their relationship isn’t featured in movies, focusing more on the Joker and Harley. While both have become well known fan favorites, I much prefer the kinder way Ivy treats Harley than the Joker. The show plays this off well — showing how Harley has been manipulated by the Joker. Ivy helps Harley break out of the cycle of her on and off relationship. This villainous duo is hilariously charming.