advent calendar day 22: The Grinch

advent calendar day 22: The Grinch

Overt snarkiness, present stealing, and Christmas-spirit crushing; the Grinch truly is a mean one. This Jim Carrey classic is a catalyst of Christmas, providing entertainment for the whole family. Young children get a kick out of the mean green giant Carrey portrays, while the older audience can identify with the materialistic values the Grinch detests. All viewers can agree that this Live-Action version is a much better 2-hours-spent than any other version.

1. The intricacy of the setting: how detailed everything is. Just look at how elaborate these costumes are!!

2. The Christmas spirit Whoville has is immaculate

3. How adorable Max is for constantly bringing The Grinch to his senses. Man’s best friend. Grinch’s best friend too.

4. The soundtrack is amazing!

5. Jim Carreys’s hilarious one liners

6. The iconic Grinch schedule monologue.

7. Just Jim Carrey’s face is one reason all alone.

8.It had a better origin for The Grinch. Watching him be raised by adoptive mothers Clarnella and Rose Who and continue to see him go on to school and witnessing the tragic love story between him and Martha May. We knew what shrunk the Grinch’s heart.

9.The time and energy Cindy Lou Who put into climbing Mount Crumpit. I mean that snowy mountain was massive and freezing.

10.And last but certainly not least, we got to see the Baby Grinch.