The Georgia Senate Runoff Election Thus Far

maya egan, Editor

As we all know, the Georgia senate runoff has been talk of the hour in the sphere  of American politics. This election is quintessential for both Republicans and Democrats; Democrats want these extra senate seats in order for president elect Joe Biden to pursue a more democratic agenda with the help of a democratic senate, and the Republicans want these seats in order to keep a balance of powers between the two parties. Early voting has commenced, with nearly 1.3 million mail in ballots requested and many citizens waiting in long lines to vote in-person early.

The politicians running for the two seats are Kelly Loeffler, (R) Rev. Raphael Warnock, (D) David Perdue (R) and Jon Ossof. (D) Initially, democrats were in the lead due to the early turnouts, but as time has gone on, the Republicans have slightly closed the gap. Compared to the general election, the Democratic party has a slimmer lead. 

There has also been some interesting demographic data collected during the runoff election so far. Georgians saw an increase of around 36,000 voters when compared to the November elections, with many of these new voters including more young individuals and voters of color. Historically, these groups have a more democratic political compass. Not only has there been many new voters, but also a slight increase in Black voters. This increase of voters is most likely due to the work of Stacey Abrams, who works around the clock to register more voters. 

Prominent politicians have displayed support for the different candidates. Kamala Harris is making a few appearances in Georgia to encourage more voters to show up and vote early. Vice President Mike Pence made a ton of trips to Georgia in order to display his support for Loeffler and Perdue, and Ivanka will also make a few appearances in Georgia within the coming weeks to show support for the Republican candidates.

This election is also interesting in regards to the presidential election that took place in November. Because of Trump’s remarks regarding the validity of Mail in votes, many people are skeptical of this form of voting. Others are nervous that their vote won’t count if they vote though the mail because of the skeptics. Because of these fears, people are voting in person that voted during the presidential election through the mail.  

This runoff election is crucial for both parties. If the senate seats go blue, there will be a majority democratic senate, and if they go red, it will be majority republican. The senate is very important for Joe Biden because he will have a greater chance of further pursuing his democratic agenda with a blue senate than he does with a red senate. Many people also fear that by having a democratic president and senate, there won’t be a lot of bipartisan representation. But, until January 5th, all we can do regarding this matter is follow the numbers and speculate the results of the 2020 Georgia runoff election.