2020 Top Five NFL Redraft

2020 Top Five NFL Redraft

Charlie Abt

While they are still rookies, we are getting a clearer picture of who the top rookies from the 2020 NFL draft class. Obviously, I could look back on this in a year, and it could be completely different, but as of this moment, it seems that we know who they will be.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Redraft Joe Burrow; Actual: Joe Burrow

Before his season-ending knee injury, Joe Burrow was living up to the hype as the number one overall pick. He had led the Bengals to two wins and one tie before going down, and their offense had significantly improved. Burrow was a top contender for offensive rookie of the year, but now will almost certainly not win, nor should he. He has a very bright future and has the looking of a franchise QB who can lead the Bengals out of this recent rough patch.

       2. Washington Football Team: Redraft Justin Herbert; Actual: Chase Young

Chase Young has been one of the best rookies this year and could very well win the defensive rookie of the year, but Justin Herbert looks like a franchise QB, and at this stage in the NFL, QB is by far the most important position, and if you need one, you take it. Herbert should win offensive rookie of the year, especially following Burrow’s injury. Herbert has been so good that I considered putting him at number one instead of Burrow. Herbert definitely has a chance to not only be the best QB in this class but the best overall player.

        3.Detroit Lions: Redraft: Chase Young; Actual: Jeff Okudah  

To say Jeff Okudah has been disappointing is an understatement, while he was the consensus top cornerback in the class, he has been extremely disappointing. At the time, not only was he expected to be a very good player from day one, but he was also filing a need for the Lions after they traded their number one cornerback Darius Slay. While not necessarily a need for the Lions, Chase Young would still have been the pick, and he has been as good as advertised, if not better, and he would have immediately elevated their defense.

         4. New York Giants: Redraft Justin Jefferson; Actual: Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas has been better of late for the Giants, but he still hasn’t played well this season as a whole. The Giants offense has been awful this year and showing that they truly need a number one wide receiver and Jefferson has been excellent for the Vikings this year and has over one thousand yards, including six games with at least 100 yards, and he isn’t even the number one wide receiver on his team. Jefferson could have elevated this offense and maybe helped them win a few more games.

          5. Miami Dolphins: Redraft Tua Tagovailoa; Actual: Tua Tagovailoa

Tua has only played in a few games this year, but he is looking special and certainly like a player that the Dolphins can continue to build around and help them to become a powerhouse in the AFC. There wasn’t anyone else I considered here, Tua has been the third-best quarterback in his class, that doesn’t mean he has been bad, it just means that Burrow and Herbert have been outstanding. Tua has a very bright future in this league, and I think he will become a pro-bowl caliber quarterback if he can stay healthy.