Twitch needs to figure out their priorities


Beck Iannucci

CW: this article talks about slurs, mental health, and discrimination 

Twitch has decided to ban words that can be used to harass creators and viewers. We can all agree that this is a step in the right direction. However, it has taken a mind boggling start.

When you think of harmful words what comes to mind first? I think of slurs and words that can be used as threats. Things like “kys” and “d*e” should be banned.

Yet, Twitch started their band with “simp”, “incel”, and “virgin”. Many streamers were quick to call out Twitch on this confusing move. I would like to specifically bring up Mika (@RIPmika on Twitch) because she brings up a great point.

TikTok has the same exact excuses every time their shadow ban of minorities is brought up. They’d rather have poc, queer, and disabled people not in the spotlight rather than shutting down their opposition. It’s a rather weak excuse to say “this is how it is” when you can do something to change that. It’s your platform so take it back! If you want your app to stay a safe environment then you need to put in the work to keep it that way.

People are going to continue to leave this platforms if they aren’t being protected. You can’t hold it against creators either. They have to do what’s best for them and their audience.

Brian (@Girbeagly on Twitch) was in the middle of a charity stream when harmful jokes were said over voice chat for everyone to hear.

It’s jarring to have something triggering said out of the blue without warning while in a place you think is safe. This type of behavior should not be allowed and Twitch needs to actively protect the mental health of their viewers by banning these harmful words. The platform should not be a free for all.

Yes, Brian is going to add a trigger warning when the stream is added for those that missed it, but it’s not something he should even have to do in the first place! None of this should have happened and if Twitch don’t step up, this won’t be the last time it happens.