Christmas Advent Calendar, Day 20: Polar Express


Ryan Surhoff

Polar Express is a xmas classic, its staple in many households in the holiday season. This is always on Christmas eve in my house. This blockbuster is the second rated animated movie on our Christmas advent calendar. I believe it should be one spot higher but my classmates think that Charlie Brown is better. It’s not. This movie starts out in a little boy’s room on Christmas eve, he hears a loud train like sound and it turns out a train magically rides through the street. The boy gets on the train and goes on a journey to the north pole. He is met with many different characters. On the ride up to the north pole the servants on the train serve the kids on the train hot chocolate in the coolest fashion you will ever see. When the train gets to the north pole he is greeted by millions of elves the. The ending of the trip will have you in aw. Polar Express is a Christmas movie that needs to be watched in the holiday season.