Christmas Advent #8: Merry Christmas Drake and Josh

Growing up in the early 2000s and 2010’s allowed me to grow up with the iconic Disney Christmas specials, where TV shows created a movie surrounding Christmas with a plot that was not related to the storyline of the TV Show. One of my personal favorite Christmas specials was the ICarly Christmas special. In this movie, called IChristmas, Spencer–Carly’s brother– causes a fire that ruins the Christmas tree and out of anger, Carly exclaims that she wishes Spencer was a normal brother. After wishing this, an angel named Mitch grants Carly her wish, and her brother becomes normal. Carly hates this alternate universe though, where her brother is a formal businessman dating Freddie’s mom, and their apartment lacks the cool furniture that it has during the TV series. Carly’s life is now substantially more boring than it was previously, and she constantly wishes her life was back to normal. Although this special is very comedic and enjoyable to watch because of the humor, I think what makes it a wonderful movie is the important life lessons that Carly and the audience learn. She learns that no family looks the same and that Spencer’s abnormalities are what makes her life so interesting and entertaining. Carly now has a newfound appreciation for Spencer’s quirks, which teaches the audience that being different is okay and should be appreciated.

 Growing up, “Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas” was one of my favorite movies at Christmas time! The movie is undeniably entertaining and also teaches children very important Christmas lessons! In the movie, as the Duncan family is traveling to visit their grandmother, Teddy the oldest daughter accepts money to take a future plane so she has money for her spring break trip. Of course, her mother follows her. This leads the two to have a rollercoaster of a trip to Palm Springs in which they end up hitchhiking there as well as losing their luggage on the way. This inevitably leads Teddy and her mother Amy Duncan to getting into intense arguments. Eventually, Amy reveals that she is pregnant during one of their heated arguments. After this, the two make up for their argument by sharing a beautiful mother-daughter moment of singing Christmas carols for a large crowd. Though the two are missing Christmas eve with their family, and singing for money for a buffet, they realize at this moment that nothing else matters as long as they’re together! I think especially this year this message is important because Christmas may not be ideal for all families but as long as you can be with even one family member, that’s what’s important! This movie spreads a great message to its young audience of being grateful and appreciating family!

 “Merry Christmas Drake and Josh” is one of the best Christmas movies known and that’s a fact. Out of all early 2000s Christmas specials, Drake and Josh take the cake and are superior to the rest. All the jokes and funny stunts that were put into this movie make it ten times better.  Especially when Crazy Steve says anything at all, when Josh is getting bullied for nothing, or when Perry gets peed on by a monkey. But what makes this the best out of all holiday specials is the dedication Drake and Josh had to make it the greatest Christmas for those foster kids. Even though they had to do it to get out of going to jail, Drake and Josh cared for those kids. The ups and downs they went through to make Christmas in California feel perfect for Mary Alice and her siblings were just adorable.  This movie proves that Christmas is magical no matter where you live. And the fact that they made it snow in California with cheese is crazy and destroyed so many people’s homes with the wood chipper, also known as Sally with the first attempt at making snow! Also, don’t get me started on the soundtrack because Drake Bell killed it with his versions of classic Christmas songs. The energy that comes off of this movie is amazing and needs to be shown to younger generations so that they can appreciate it, for being as good as it is.