Christmas Advent #9: Love Actually

Maya Egan and Madison White, Editors

Love Actually is an iconic rom-com centered around Christmas that each year excites people for the holiday season. The stacked cast and intermingling storylines were destined for greatness and still relevant seventeen years after its release. Although we could go on and on about how much we love this movie, in this article, we are going to discuss some interesting things about Love Actually that you probably didn’t know about.


    1. One of the more heartwarming facts is that the beginning and ending scenes in this movie of people reuniting with loved ones in the airport were not paid actors! The scenes were based on real-life instances of people reuniting with loved ones. These scenes were shot on hidden cameras, making the love so much more genuine and touching.
    2. Emma Thompson filmed her character Karen’s parts in a fat suit. The directors believed that her naturally slim body did not fit the Karen vibe as much as the more heavy look.
    3. This movie wasn’t originally going to have all of these love stories entangled in one film; it would be separated into two moves—one revolving around Hugh Grant’s love story, and the other about Colin Firth’s.
    4. Love Actually wasn’t originally planned as a Christmas movie. It was just going to be a typical rom-com without any affiliation to Christmas. I am so glad they made it revolving around the Christmas vibe because who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie?!?!
    5. The Scene where Andrew Lincoln holds up the sign that says, “To me, you are perfect” was in his own handwriting! The movie’s art department originally created it for him, but then he suggested that he write it himself, which made it look so much more genuine and realistic. Bravo!


Even seventeen years after its release, the love for this iconic film has never dialed down, which is why it is so noteworthy. Although we believe that this movie should be higher up on the list, we still love this movie and the Christmas vibe it embodies. If you live on a rock and haven’t already watched it yet, go watch Love Actually!