I’m sick of Elon Musk and his hypocrisy


Beck Iannucci

TW: transphobia 
So Elon wants to insults pronouns again but then claim he’s a trans ally? Nope. Absolutely not. It doesn’t work that way.
In his recent tweet he defended this behavior by saying his company is LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Duh! There are laws in place that prevent employees from discrimination in the work place you moron! That literally has nothing to do with him. So you did something you were required to do by law? And? You want appreciation for doing the bare minimum? He is literally the cishet that says they can’t be homophobic because they have a gay cousin. That’s literally my favorite defense homophobes make. “Yeah, like, I have a bi friend so I can’t be homophobic.” Or “I hired a gay person so I’m an ally.” If all your other actions contradict that statement then you aren’t an ally. Because if you’re only nice to one gay person and then discriminate against the rest, you aren’t an ally. You can’t make up for your sh*tty behavior by being nice to one person.

Can I also point out that he says pronouns ruin the “esthetic” when he named his kid a random combination of numbers and letters? Huh?

And Elon can’t say “she” “he” “they” “we” “us” “mine” “me” or “I”? Because those are all pronouns Elon. How do you talk about yourself without using I, me or mine? How do you have full conversation without pronouns involved? Are we all talking in the third person and replacing pronouns with names? That seems like way more effort.

If he is really the genius everyone claims he is, then why can’t he wrap his head around such a simple concept?

Stop crying about the fact that you are expected to treat others with basic respect and grow up.