Donald Trump´s Transphobia is getting old


Beck Iannucci

disclaimer: these are my views and not Rye City School´s

(Since Trumpies never know: cis is the opposite of trans)

The Cheeto´s anti-lgbtq+ attitude has been going on for years. But it´s more than him not supporting gay marriage in 2015.

Here´s a compilation since his wife likes to pretend it never happened:

He started making all these claims while running for president that he support lgbtq+ people — claims that immediately fell apart.

  1. when he supported legal anti-lgbtq+ discrimination

In 2017, attorney general Jeff Sessions insisted that the discrimination against lgbtq+ people is legal under the 1964 civil rights act. When this was put down, the Trump administration brought the case to the supreme court, agreeing with Sessions. Unfortunately, a final ruling wasn’t made till this year, but the Trump administration was put down, bringing the case to a close.

  1. when he banned trans people from serving in the military in 2017

Every time a Trumpie tries to condone this they say: ¨It’s because the medical bills are expensive.¨ Honey, you do realize that the military pays for a soldier´s college while on active duty? You do understand that compared to bottom or top surgery, that’s a lot more expensive, right? And, the military also pays off student loans. Active duty members also get free healthcare. In conclusion, the military gives so much to cis soldiers and it shouldn´t be any different for trans soldiers. So basically Trump kicked about 7,000 soldiers out of the military for no reason.

  1. when he took away trans healthcare protections in 2020

Trump had been in the process of changing Obama´s Affordable Care Act for quite some time. It was well known that Trump was against the act. With this revision, he changed the definition of sex to only include protection for cis individuals.

  1. when he cut funding from lgbtq+ inclusive colleges in 2020

The Trump education department cracked down on universities that refused to hold anti-lgbtq+ student groups. He claimed the colleges not supporting their homophobic students went against the first amendment.

  1. when he fought to deny citizenship to the kids of same-sex parents in 2016 and 2019 — which he admitted defeat in last month

The Trump administration considered the parents of gay kids to be the same as kids born from wedlock. This means they refused to recognize that gay marriages were valid marriages, making it harder for these parents to get their kids to the US. After putting up a fight for a few years, he finally accepted defeat.

  1. when trans people were legally denied homeless shelters in 2020

 The Trump administration proposed a rule change that would keep homeless trans people in need out on the streets. It´s no secret that lgbtq+ youth make up a large percent of homelessness. By making it legal to deny trans people safe access to shelters — shelters that separate based on gender or otherwise — you are endangering lgbtq+ youth.

Mr. Hamster Hair is not lgbtq+ friendly just because he hired one gay person and if you know all these facts and you still support the annoying orange, you aren’t the lgbtq+ ally you think you are. Either throw away your MAGA hat or admit you´re transphobic.