Christmas Movie Advent #18 The Holiday


Our Favorite Aspects of the Film The Holiday

English Setting:

What makes The Holiday such a nostalgic and comforting movie is the cozy English vibe that is encapsulated throughout the film. Cameron Diaz, a stone-cold businesswoman used to the fast-paced lifestyle in L.A., comes to a remote English town and falls in love with the slow-paced lifestyle. When she arrives at her cozy cottage, there is snow and beautiful greenery everywhere which takes the Christmas vibes to a whole new level. The small town with cobblestone streets and beautiful storefronts filled with the Christmas spirit really transforms the watcher into this magical town filled with Christmas spirit. As someone who plans on living in Europe later on in my life, this movie really gets me excited for what Europe holds, especially during the best time of the year: the holiday season.


LA setting: 

Although the English Christmas vibes are simply unbeatable, the California Christmas also deserves an honorable mention. Even though there is no snow on the ground in California during the month of December, the idea of having a sunny and warm Christmas is still very much appealing to me. Also, who wouldn’t want to live in Cameron Diaz’s beautiful mansion for a few weeks?! For Kate Winslet, who was only used to a small English town, this transition to LA allowed her to create meaningful relationships with Jack Black and a cute old man living in her neighborhood. She was able to experience a fast-paced American lifestyle while enjoying a warm Christmas in LA with palm trees and sunshine galore.


Women empowerment:  The holiday is an awesome movie for women empowerment! At the beginning of the movie, we see the two main characters, Rose and Amanda, distraught over the disgusting men in their lives. Both of their boyfriends cheated on them, leading to the women being in a rut. Although when the two women switch places they do both end up with men, this was not their intention. The two women traveled to different countries simply to be by themselves and experience the world from a different lens. They both realize by the end of the movie that the men they were pining over are not worth it and that they are so much better than a gross cheater. This movie definitely has the power to make other women come to the same realization.


Comfort Movie: The holiday is definitely a go-to comfort movie for me. The film gives off so many different vibes that all make you want to curl up with hot chocolate and a warm blanket. If you’re in the mood for a rom-com, this is a go-to or if you want a Christmas movie, again a go-to. The key components to making this movie so comforting are the immaculate scenery that makes you fantasize about living in California and England, the amazing soundtrack that gives off the best Christmas vibes, and the little cute moments like when Amanda joins Graham’s two children in the fort tent they made. The movie is filled with pure moments like these whether they be romantic or just a happy moment. These aspects all put together to make The Holiday a movie that people just want to keep rewatching.


The Music: This film’s soundtrack is incredible, like unexpectedly incredible for a romantic comedy Christmas film. The reason for that is Hans Zimmer of course, one of the greatest film composers of all time. The movie’s opening song immediately draws one in and sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The sweet sounds, combined with Kate Winslet’s opening narration about love make for the perfect intro. The music finds a way to capture the rush and adrenaline of the core relationships in the film yet also encapsulating the serenity of each of the film’s magical December settings. 

The Cast:  The cast is a slightly random combination of some of Hollywood’s biggest names during the late 2000’s era. Obviously still stars today, this unexpected combination worked wonders for the film. Kate Winslet was the perfect leading lady to play Iris, the struggling female in her 30s attached to an engaged ex continuing to lead her on. There are absolute comfort and reliability in the sound of Winslet’s voice. Cameron Diaz on the other hand plays the perfect Amanda Woods, the wealthy Hollywood trailer editor who is work-obsessed and lost the ability to cry due to her parent’s divorce. Both characters in denial in some way which is what ultimately leads them both on a path to each other and each other’s homes. Jude Law plays Winslet’s brother in the film. The surprise Cameron Diaz’s character didn’t know she needed it. And finally,we see Jack Black in an unfamiliar setting. He plays a sweet passionate music composer, who goes for girls he knows aren’t good for him. The cast is so pleasing to watch, the mix of British and American creates such a wonderful dynamic between the characters and the two LA, and England settings.