The Top Five Best Holiday Cookies


Hailey Thompson

Since it is finally December, it is finally the time of the year to bake and eat tons of cookies.  Christmas cookies are my all-time favorite things to make, and just bring me so much joy.  There are so many different kinds of holiday-themed cookies, but these are my personal favorites.

1.Sugar Cookies 

These are the best possible Christmas cookies, they are so quick and easy and you can make them in so many different ways.  My personal favorite is making rolled sugar cookies and cutting them into Holiday themed shapes like Christmas trees. The best part of making these cookies is decorating them afterward.  It is so much fun to decorate these cookies with your friends and family.  

2.Chocolate Crinkle Cookies 

These cookies are absolutely delicious, they take quite a bit of time to make due to the dough has to chill for a few hours but it makes them so much better.  Although these are not the most popular Holiday cookies, they are a very soft chocolate cookie rolled in powdered sugar.  I don’t know a single person who has tried these cookies that didn’t love them.  These are my favorite cookies flavor-wise, but they are not as amazing as the classic sugar cookies that everyone loves.  


Snickerdoodle cookies are pretty amazing, they have such a well-balanced flavor as well as a nice addition of cinnamon on the outside.  These cookies are pretty simple to make, and when they are baked perfectly they are heavenly.  The best way to make these is to take them out of the oven while they are still soft and sprinkle them with a second coat of cinnamon sugar.  These cookies are the perfect cookies for the holiday season with both their look and taste. 

4.Classic Chocolate Chip

I am sure that almost everyone can agree with the fact that you can never go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie.  Chocolate chip cookies go well with every occasion, but something about them makes them even better during the holiday season.  Making homemade chocolate chip cookies and watching a holiday-themed movie with your family is always a great way to spend a night during the holidays.


Personally, I love Gingerbread, although I know quite a few people who do not feel the same way about these cookies.  I personally love them because of home much fun they are to decorate and how much they remind me of the holiday season.  Once it gets to be the time of year when you see gingerbread house making kits on the shelves at stores you know that the Holiday season is here.  Although these cookies take a long time to make, they are definitely worth it for the flavor and the memories you can make while decorating them with friends and family.