Christmas Advent Calendar #19: Miracle on 34th Street


Abby Bozek

Another day, another movie. And for today you open your movie advent calendar to an old, timely classic. 


Miracle on 34th Street: the weirdest Christmas movie I’ve seen. Released by George Seaton in 1947, this movie accounts for the journey of a man named Kris Kringle. Kringle is certain of his identity as Santa Clause. It all starts when he appears at the Macy’s Day Parade intoxicated, where he becomes a huge hit. Because of this success, he found himself present in the department store around mid-Manhattan more and more often. This leads to more and more people being fascinated by him, and to their shock he tells employees and shoppers that he truly is Santa Clause. After speaking with the on duty psychologist, and hitting him in the head with an umbrella, Kringle is brought to court to test the extent of his sanity. As well as this, he is brought to court to see if he should be involuntarily committed into a mental institution. Is he really Santa Clause? Will he be communicated to the hospital? Watch this classic to find out.