HEY! Lets treat trans celeberties with basic respect!


Beck Iannucci

So Elliot Page came out as a trans guy and once again everyone forgets how to act.

(You may remember him from the teen pregnancy film, Juno, or his roles in X-Men and Umbrella Academy.)

I’m disgusted to see him being misgendered so heavily — from within the queer community and outside of it. You didn’t lose a lesbian icon. He’s a man you moron. Therefore he was never a lesbian to begin with. And it takes time to figure out your identity. Some people need to try on different labels before one fits — and that’s okay. Remember that coming out is hard. NEVER ask why someone didn’t come out sooner. There are so many variables that can make coming out harder for someone. Not everyone has an accepting environment and the means to leave said environment.

Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. Even after he figured out he isn’t a woman, he was still being viewed as one. As an enby, I know that hurts. Having figured out who you are and feeling pressured to come out so you can be authentic is a lot of weight on someone’s shoulders. It’s not about when they come out but the fact that they do. So treat him with basic respect. This means calling him Elliot — because that’s his name — and using he/they pronouns — because that’s what they’re comfortable with. It’s literally so simple yet the terfs are having a field day of ignorance.

And for all of you saying Elliot needs to return his awards, get over your jealousy. Yeah, you didn’t accomplish anything in life. Don’t take it out on him, you numbskull. The gendered award system is absolute garbage. If you want to separate it, it should be separated by the gender of the character the actor played — not the actor’s identity. And hey, cis people play trans roles and neurotypicals play neurodivergent roles, and straight people play gay roles. I mean, come on! There are so many times where instead of hiring that minority, Hollywood hires someone outside of that community. So what a trans person plays a cis role? Aww. Does that make the cishets mad? Too bad! He is talented and he earned his place. Quit your whining.

I was so disappointed in the transphobia when Sam Smith came out. I turned on the radio that day and vividly remember the radio host saying they’ll “continue to listen to his music even though I’m disappointed he changed his gender”. Seriously, wtf? Be better. It’s so sad to see most of you haven’t trashed that terrible attitude of your’s.