Lets talk about the 2021 Grammy nominations


Beck Iannucci

Let’s talk about this year’s nominations! Certain artists were nominated when they shouldn’t be and others are missing completely.

Lets start with The Weeknd. How did Blinding Lights not get nominated when it has been streamed 330 million times and has been sitting comfortably at #1 on the charts? Why wasn’t BTS nominated for best pop for Dynamite? Os Justin Bieber’s song YUMMY really best pop worthy? Umm, did we listen to the same song? Comparing your wife to a horse or happy infectious energy? I’m not taking the horse, that’s for sure. And lets not forget he was telling fans to rig the charts for this song to go on the Billboard charts. Ugh.

I’m also wondering where Halsey is. Like, hello? Manic gave us Graveyard, You should be sad, and Without Me.

Say So absolutely deserves to be on this list! Doja Cat had an amazing year and put out some bangers. She killed this song during the MTV EMA. The rock version of this song is gold. We all knew Harry Styles was going to be nominated for something as well. He also had an amazing year. I feel like every time I turn on the radio I either hear Say So or Watermelon Sugar. MEGAN THEE STALLION, Dua Lipa, and Taylor Swift all just make sense too. Dua has grown so much as a writer and you can tell with her new album. Taylor always has some bops, and Megan not only had some killer songs — she also had some fire cosplays (no pun intended). All three of them snapped this year.

I’m also overjoyed to see Poppy nominated for BLOODMONEY. Out of all of her metal songs, BLOODMONEY is my favorite! She keeps maturing as an artist and it’s great to see. From pop music to metal, she rocks at both. And recently she’s doing makeup tutorials. Love that for her.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea BeyoncĂ© had new music this year. I’ll listen to her album and report back.

I’m also hoping the performance will be great this year too. I loved Lizzo’s performance last year! For me, that’s going to be hard to beat.