Christmas Advent Calendar #25: Krampus


Alex Conn

Krampus is a special Christmas movie. I saw it in 8th grade and it’s a different type of horror film. This film isn’t a movie that is a horror movie set at Christmas it is very much a Christmas movie.

The film indulges in its love of the holiday. There are evil gingerbread men for instance. The film has a warm and cozy feeling which separates itself from a typical horror movie.
The film is also PG-13 which makes it a kids movie in many ways.
The film is about a kid named Max who rips up his Christmas list which launches Krampus, an evil demon, to terrorize him and his family.

I felt this movie needed to be on the list because, like I said, it is a Christmas movie before it’s a horror movie. Also it has very little gore so I could envision a family watching Krampus together on Christmas time. I feel it goes to the fear of children during Christmas time. As Santa Claus says “He’s watching out for who’s naughty and nice”. There’s always a fear that you’ll be punished or not given presents if you’re naughty.

The film was directed by Michael Dougherty who also directed Trick R Treat and eventually Godzilla King Of The Monsters, as well as co writing Superman Returns and other superhero films. He always wanted to make a Christmas horror film but was inspired after getting a Krampus Christmas card. He said it was love at first sight.

The film indulges in a lot of horror tropes, like the grandma who speaks mostly German knows what’s going on. But the film also indulges in cliches of the comedy family genre.

I strongly recommend this film for everyone. It’s obscure, but I think if more people knew about it I think it would become a holiday classic.