The History and Potential Future of the Kushner-Trump Family

maya egan, Editor

Jared Kushner has become a well-known face to many because of his newfound involvement in United States politics. Kushner took part in his father-in-law’s administration as Trump’s senior advisor; During his time as an advisor, Kushner helped guide Trump’s digital media strategy during his campaigns, pushed President Trump into lobbying specific laws, supported the President during his hearings, and helped with day to day activities and decisions. You may be wondering, how did Kushner, who was never involved in politics before, become a quintessential player in Trump’s administration?

Jared Kushner is the son of Charles Kushner, a powerful real estate mogul. As Jared Kushner transitioned into adulthood, he managed to create a stake in his father’s company, the Kushner Companies, along with obtaining a degree from NYU business and Law School. Kushner also ran his own publishing company–Observer Media–that was based in Lower Manhattan. On top of his newspaper publishing, he followed in his father’s footsteps and became more involved in real estate within NYC and other regions.

Because of his long term prominence within Manhattan, he soon came in touch with Ivanka Trump, his current wife. Trump and Kushner now have three young children together that they were raising in the city before their involvement in the Trump campaign and presidency. As of now, they live in Washington, D.C. With the Trump presidency coming to an end, many have wondered: What’s up next for the Kushner-Trump’s after Trump is out of office?

Following the announcement that Joseph R. Biden was the President-elect, celebrations roared throughout New York City, Ivanka and Jared’s hometown. Many speculate that it may be a rough transition for the family to move back to Manhattan because of the changing political climate, and also because of the Kushner exposé on the Netflix Docuseries, “Dirty Money.” Even though there may be some backlash, the Kushner Company is located within the city, and as the previous CEO of this company, Kushner is needed to develop the company further and make crucial decisions since his time in government (for now) is coming to an end.

There is also speculation that this family will stay involved in the government, with many predicting that Ivanka will create an image of herself within American politics. Nothing has been confirmed as of now, but many doubt that this is the last time that the Trump’s are apart of American politics.

With the transition of power currently taking place, many wonder what life will look like for the Trump’s after the presidency. As of now, no one has any definitive plan regarding the future of this family, but as we get closer to Inauguration day, many of our speculations will be either confirmed or denied. If you are interested in learning more about Jared Kushner and his prevalence as a business mogul, I highly recommend watching the episode devoted to him on the Netflix Docuseries “Dirty Money.” This episode explains the rise of the Kushner’s in detail and how he operates as a businessman, boss, coworker, etc.