Beck’s Picks: fidget toy addition


Beck Iannucci

When fidget spinners became popular in 2017, students that genuinely found them helpful were without one. Being one of those students, I started to look for a substitute. Even outside of school I’m very fidgety and need a fidget to focus on tv. These are my most helpful finds!

1. Something Small

If you want a small fidget toy that won’t distract others around you and is easy to carry, try a bike chain fidget. This one is flipable. The perk of mini fidgets is that you don’t need two hands to use them. You can flip the chain with one hand and type or write with the other, making it perfect for online school. I also use this while reading if I find myself getting distracted. This is also a quiet fidget, hence why it won’t distract others.

I got mine from Amazon but they’re also available at Walmart, Etsy, and more. You can choose the colors.

2. Something Squishy

Mochis are also pocket sized and come in many different designs. They’re squishy and stretchy. 

I got mine from StimTastic because I find their site is cheap and reliable. I’ve also seen these at the Michael’s discount section. Make sure you check it out if you’re going there — I’ve found some great things for cheap.

3. Kinetic Sand Squeez’meez

Over the summer I bought a mini kinetic sand plush from Michaels. He’s become a favorite of mine because the sand is so calming and doesn’t make a mess. If you’re not a fan of mochi’s because of their stickiness, then try one of these!

These can also be found at Walmart and Amazon and are made in many different designs.

4. Something Stretchy

Though this one can’t be hidden like the others, it’s still worth mentioning. Stretchy strings can be great to get out frustration or give you something to do while deep in thought. I like using these while trying to write. Yes, we write a lot in school, but I also do creative writing outside of school. I find these comforting during writer’s block.

5. Mesh Stress Ball

Stress balls are a classic but let’s take it up a notch with a mesh stress ball. They’re very satisfying to look at and even more to squish!

I’ve gotten mine from StimTastic and Five and Below. These are also available at Walmart and Amazon.