My 5 Favorite Things About Rye

My 5 Favorite Things About Rye

Talia Gardner

5. I love how small Rye is. Being that there are roughly 250 students in my grade, I pretty much know everyone. I’ve been able to form amazing friendships with so many different people in my grade. The smallness of our grade allows us to all unite for certain things including school wide issues that many of us are passionate about. Along with having a small grade, I also love the size of our town. Pretty much everything is walking distance even if it is across town. Many of my outside of school friends will tell me how it’s so difficult to see their friends because the closest one is ten minutes away! In Rye, my friend who lives the farthest from me still probably does not live ten minutes. The small mile radius of Rye allows for many kids to bike and walk as a form of transportation. This was especially helpful before my friends and I got our license. Instead of asking our parents for rides, we often would just walk many places! The small Rye community is something I will for sure miss when I go to college!


4. Rye has amazing school spirit! Though it has not happened this year, going to football games has been my friends and I’s favorite thing about Fridays for all of high school. Everyone goes all out for every theme and gets so excited to watch the game! Spirit week has also always been a favorite tradition of mine! The pep rallies, halloween dances, hallway decorating, Rye Harrison, and other events make Rye High so fun and gives everyone things to look forward to other than doing school work!


3. Rye is such a beautiful town! As I’ve been driving around this fall, I’ve realized how amazing the aesthetic is. All of the colorful leaves and the brisk air is truly special. Rye has the most beautiful walks. Whether it be the Edith Read Sanctuary, the Playland pier, the walk along Stuyvesant to the water, or the marshlands, Rye is such a nice place to enjoy nature! 


2. I have personally loved my experience in the Rye City School District. Starting from elementary school and concluding in senior year, my experience has been amazing. Despite the flaws in our schools, they really do care about us. For starters, Rye has phenomenal teachers. For the most part, I’ve had great relationships and experiences with all of them. The teachers at Rye genuinely do care about their students and make it known. Whether it has been reaching out to us this year to see how we are doing or just asking questions about our lives, it’s evident they want to get to know students. Besides the teachers, the administrators also went out of their way to form relationships with students and make our experience the best possible. I think for the most part the workload throughout all of my years of education has been very manageable. Our teachers and administrators know that high schoolers already experience a lot of pressure and they make an effort to ease this stress. 


1. The Rye “classic spots” are unmatched. Rye wouldn’t be Rye without Jerry’s, Hand Rolled, Sunrise, and Longfords. These spots are the heart of Rye and have been spots we have all grown up at. Whether it was walking to Jerrys after school on Fridays in middle school, or a good sunday morning hand rolled, or even a late night Longfords. Besides the food, obviously Playland is also a Rye classic. Growing up, Playland opening was always a highlight and my favorite place to go in the summer. When we were all stuck in our houses in the spring, Playland was a go to for social distanced car circles and family walks on the pier! Rye also wouldn’t be Rye without the classic “Kirby and AYC loops” that high schoolers will do when driving around with friends!