the end has come

we made it to the other side


Beck Iannucci

Unus Annus, a YouTube channel made with the goal of posting a video a day and then deleting everything after a year, met their final hours this morning. At two AM the entire channel was deleted. I only made it seven hours into the twelve hour livestream before I went to bed. Normally I can stay up late without a problem, but I’ve been waking up early and going to bed late — barely getting any sleep. On the last day of the quarter too there was a lot of schoolwork to get done in a short amount of time. I wore myself too thin so I had to say goodbye early.

I’ll be honest, it didn’t really hit till this morning. It’s one thing knowing everything will be gone when I wake up and another seeing it. This is the other side they spoke about. This is the time after where we only have the memories to hold onto — and that’s scary. But I know that even if I start to forget my favorite videos, I’ll never forget how my year with Unus Annus made me feel. Mark and Ethan made me laugh every single day and in such a chaotic year that’s important. Even before lockdown, a lot was happening in my personal life. There were things I thought I would never have the courage to do but it felt like the boys were encouraging me to keep going every day. I completed all my goals — despite thinking I wouldn’t be able to make it through one. I’m extremely grateful for my year with Mark and Ethan and though I’m sad, I know this is only the beginning.

Memento Mori