Should the U.S. go into Nationwide Lockdown?

Nicolas Read

The United States broke the record for daily cases again on Thursday, with more than 153,000 cases reported. This also led to another record being broken, with around 66,000 people reported to be hospitalized. Since last week, the United States have continually broken daily case records with more than 100,000+ cases being reported daily.
This isn’t a surprise, as since around September 11th, cases were exponentially trending upward, while American government officials have been trying to tell the people that we beat coronavirus. This wishful speaking is what led us to our situation right now. If there wasn’t such a push to beat coronavirus on the first wave, the U.S. wouldn’t have more than 200,000 Americans dead and there wouldn’t be a second wave. This effect happens similarly to when someone has a bacterial infection, takes antibiotics until they “feel better”, and not when the infection is gone. This leads to them having a worse infection that is resistant to the antibiotics.
If the United States government had focused on this issue in a bipartisan manner, and not allowed every aspect of beating COVID-19 to become political, we would be in the same situation as New Zealand, where as of now, they are reporting only 4 cases nationwide.
They pushed to lock down and put in measures to prevent spread, they supported its citizens and gave them stimulus packages, and they actively encouraged their people to listen to the scientists. We can still fix this, If we go into a nationwide lockdown. It has to be strictly enforced with fines for leaving and encouragement to follow the pandemic guidelines. Yes, we’d have to go back to staying at home, but it’s what we deserve for not trying the first time. Hopefully this lockdown will be a lot easier to deal with if our government actually helps us this time around, and the people listen to the scientists this time, and not the president.