Remembering COVID Protocols


Abby Bozek

With new cases of COVID reaching our halls, it’s important to take a minute to remember some of the safety protocols as we return to everyday life. It’s easy to forget that a global pandemic is ravenging our country when we live in our small bubble, especially when we’ve had few cases and have started to return to our new normal. Here I’ve culminated some of the things I’ve noticed people have forgotten during these different times. 


  1. Put Your Mask Above Your Nose 


When you’re wearing a mask, you should be covering the top of the nose down from your face. If you twist the straps on the side of your mask try tying a knot instead. This allows for less contaminated air to reach your system. As well as this, you have to wear your mask above your nose. You cannot let it fall down. Tie your mask tighter, get a better mask, but please (I beg of you) do not let it stay below your nose. It is doing nothing for the safety of you as well as the people around you when it’s there. Just wear it correctly, please


  1. Sanitize Your Hands Regularly 


It’s easy to go through your everyday life, especially in school, without sanitizing and washing our hands. Yet it is imperative that you do so. Do not think that your hands are special and don’t catch the germs all over the things you touch, they one-hundred-percent do. The handles of the door, the chairs you sit in, the desks, the list goes on and on. My suggestion is to put a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your backpack/pencil case. Use it as much as you see fit. 


  1. Don’t Go To House Parties 


I didn’t think that this had to be said: do not go to house parties during a pandemic. Gatherings, especially indoors, should not exceed ten people. So when I see people I know going to indoor gatherings with over ten people, who they don’t know, don’t know who those people have interacted with, and don’t know if said people have been tested urkes me. It’s simply not responsible to do so during, need I repeat, a global pandemic. Just because you want to go to that gathering with twenty people that you’ve never interacted with before in a house that you’ve never been in before doesn’t mean you get to. A year ago, when the pandemic wasn’t a thing, I would say go for it. Have fun. It’s part of your high school experience. But there are exceptions to that, and a global pandemic surely is one of those. So please, please please please know who you are hanging out with, who they are hanging out with, stay outside if you hang out with new people, don’t go inside a house you haven’t been in before, and ask how people tested. It’s not just you you’re affecting: everyone that you interact with after has to suffer from your poor choice. 


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Tested 


If you think you came into contact with someone who was contact traced, or you are just nervous in general do not feel scared to ask to get a test. They are free in New York state. You could get a rapid test, or a regular one. Talk to your guardians: they aren’t going to say no to you being responsible. It will put your mind at ease as well as the people around you. 


  1. Keep Your Social Circles Small 


You should know who you are hanging out with, who they hang out with, and how they test. Don’t have out with 20+ different people over the course of a week without a mask, not socially distancing. The maximum amount of people that you should be hanging out with at one time is ten. Try and keep it this way. It’s hard, especially since it is a natural instinct to branch out and meet new people. Yet there are exceptions to this as well, and a global pandemic has to be one of those. Just keep that in mind next time you go out with your friends (new and old). It’s not just for you, it’s for your family. Keep them safe, because whoever you hang out with, they are going to get those germs from you.